April 2023 Content Update Student Core


5 new titles and 1 updated title were added to the Student Core Collection in April 2023. There are now 632 titles in the Student Core collection. If you subscribe to this package, see a full title list in your Admin account (log-in required), or check it out on our corporate site.


New Student Core Titles: 


A Brief History of Germany

ISBN: 9781438199535

A Brief History of Germany, Second Edition provides a clear, lively, and comprehensive account of the history of Germany from ancient times to the present day.


British Birds: A Pocket Guide

ISBN: 9780691181677

This innovative and carefully designed photographic guide provides a concise introduction to the identification of the 246 birds most likely to be seen in Great Britain and Ireland.


Checks and Balances in the U.S. Government

ISBN: 9781625136367

In Checks and Balances in the U.S. Government, students learn about the powers and limits of the presidency, Congress, and federal courts. The text encourages critical thinking about our government's structure, an approach that informs readers' analysis of contemporary events.


Dictionary of World Monasticism

ISBN: 9781476683096

A reference with historical and biographical focus -- fills the gap, with a worldwide scope covering not only Christianity, but all faiths that have monastic traditions, including but not limited to Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.


Teach Yourself: Politics: A Complete Introduction: Teach Yourself

ISBN: 9781471804496

This book, complete with exercises and answers, forms a course which will take you from beginner or intermediate level to having a firm grasp of the main topics in politics and government.

Updated Student Core Title: 


Teen Health Series: Integrative Health Information for Teens

ISBN: 9780780819948

Integrative Health Information for Teens, Fourth Edition provides updated information about CAM systems, therapies, and practices, including various whole medical systems, manipulative practices, and movement therapies.

There were no retired titles this month. A list of updated and retired titles is always available upon request to support@credoreference.com.

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